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This is what the dance floor can look like inside a tent.Our rental dance floors offer two choices: a classic black marble look with prevalent white marbling or a classic oak floor look. The dance floor is 100% waterproof and suitable for use indoor and outdoor - inside a tent or on any level area. The self-draining design allows for up to 1/2" of water to flow underneath the dance floor in case of inclement weather.  Dance the night away in style!

Made of 1' square tiles, this interlocking system creates a durable dance floor that can handle extreme loads (up to 25,000 rolling pounds) and keeps the panels securely locked together.  The tile system of the dance floor also allows flexibility, so we can build you any size square or rectangular dance floor up to over 2000 sq ft!  

The black & white marbled pattern of the dance floor helps it look clean all night long.

Installation for the dance floor rental is done by our team, and a subfloor is provided, where needed, to level out small irregularities on your surface.  All dance floor rental installations including a black graded trim for that perfect finished touch. Rental cost is $- per sq ft. installed. 

Dance Floor Pick up Special: $-/sq ft if you pick up and install it yourself.


This flooring, consisting of 1' x 2' rectangular tiles, is an interlocking system that creates a durable floor which can handle extreme loads and keeps the panels securely locked together.  This flooring has many applications including turf protection, tent flooring, temporary roadways, sub flooring, temporary walkways and stadium covering. Please note the surface is textured and has drainage holes - it is not suitable for use as a dance floor. Rental cost is $- per sq ft installed.

Self-install option: want to save money and install it yourself?  

Contact us for more info: (204) 853-7530.

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