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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer rentals outside of the summer months?

Our primary season is May through August.  We offer very limited options and only under certain conditions from September to April.  Please email or leave voicemail at (204) 853-7530 to inquire. Thank you for your patience.

Is there a minimum charge for rentals?

There is a minimum rental charge of $200 for pick up orders, and a minimum $400 rental charge for delivery orders (plus delivery charges).

Do I need someone to come and look at my yard before setting up the tent?

It is usually not necessary for our team to look at your yard before setting up the tent. As long as there is enough space (the size of the tent plus 5 feet all around) and no conflict with utilities (below or above ground: hydro, sewer, etc) or other obstacles (such as trees, fences, etc.) then the tent should be fine. Please keep in mind that the stakes will go about 3 feet into the ground. If you have any questions about potential issues in your yard, please contact us and we will assess if tent set-up is possible.

Do all tents come with walls?

Yes, all tents come with a full set of windowed sidewalls, which can be used or not at the customer`s discretion. There is the possibility of other arrangements (subject to availability and fees), such as solid sidewalls or partition walls inside the tent.

What happens if it rains?

Normally, your tent installation will proceed as scheduled. If the weather is severe and poses a danger to our staff, we will wait for the weather system to pass before proceeding. When planning out the location for your tent, please watch for low areas that may pool water.

What if I have a problem during the rental of a tent?

Please call our main office line at (204) 853-7530 and leave a detailed message.  Voicemail is monitored 24/7 and urgent calls are returned promptly.

What is your largest tent?

We have many sizes and configurations of tents, subject to availability. Our tents start at 20’ x 20’ and go up to our largest tent at 48’ x 202’.

Do you have flooring for your tents?

We are excited to offer tent flooring. It is possible to cover the floor area of the tent with an interlocking grey plastic floor tile. We also can install dance floor to cover the area. Please note that a reasonably level surface is required, and the flooring will lie with the lay of the land.

Are there places in the tent to hang decorations from?

Yes, there are several options for hanging decorations in the tent. The tents have centre poles, as well as rope that runs around the entire perimeter of the tent. Decorations can usually be hung between these points. One popular option is to rent string lights and hang them between the centre poles of the tent, and/or around the perimeter of the inside of the tent.

Can you set up and take down tables, chair and lights for us?

For a fee, we can provide setup and takedown service for tables, chairs, and lights. Otherwise, it is the customer`s responsibility to set up and take down these items. After your event, please stack tables and chairs on the carts and pallets provided, ready for pick up by our team.  Otherwise a stack-and-fold fee will apply. 

Do you offer any special package deals?

Yes, our dance floor installation is complimentary when renting an installed tent along with tables and chairs for a corresponding number of people.

Can the tent be set up on asphalt/concrete?

Usually the tent can be set up on asphalt. It will require making holes in order to put the tent’s stakes in the ground, which we will repair after the tent comes down. An additional fee applies for install on asphalt. We cannot install on concrete surfaces, or if you do not wish to have holes made in the asphalt.

Can I install the tent myself to save money?

We do offer the option of self-install on our smaller tents only, which saves you the set up portion of the rental fee. These tents must be picked up and returned by the customer which also saves you the delivery fee.

When will my tent be delivered?

Typically, tents are delivered by 5PM the day before your event and picked up the day following your event. For example, a Wednesday event will mean that the tent will be delivered by 5PM Tuesday, and picked up on Thursday. Since we are closed on Sundays, for a Saturday/weekend rental, the tent will usually be installed Friday, and picked up Monday. Additional or different arrangements can be made (such as specific delivery times and extra days of rental), however, these arrangements are subject to availability and fees.

What do I need to do in order to reserve my order?

Orders are reserved through confirmation of the order with the office, signature of the Quote and Rental Agreement and payment of the Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Retainer as shown on your quote.

What is your delivery charge?

Delivery of installed tents within the R.M. of Springfield is complimentary with an installed tent rental. All other locations incur a delivery fee, as do deliveries that do not include an installed tent within the RM of Springfield. Please inquire for an estimate for the delivery fee to your location.

Can I change my numbers closer to the date?

We would advise that you let us know as soon as possible regarding changes to the order. Reductions and cancellations must be made at least 30 days before the event, otherwise you will be invoiced in full for those items. Reductions may not result in a lower total invoice than the amount of the non-refundable retainer. Additions are subject to availability at all times. Short notice requests may incur a rush fee, if we are able to accommodate.

What if I need to cancel my order?

We will require written confirmation of your cancellation. If you cancel 30 days or more prior to your delivery date, the non-refundable retainer is retained by us. Within 30 days of the rental, you are responsible for payment in full of your order, even if you cancel your order in full.

How many people fit in a tent?

Our tents are listed with a recommendation of how many people fit comfortably, seated either theatre style, at round tables, and at rectangular tables. However, it is important to also consider space for a head table, caterers, dance floor, bars, or other activities that may require room. 

These recommended numbers DO NOT take into account any extra space that may be required for social distancing or other requirements of Public Health Orders that may apply.

Can I make a payment online?

Yes! We accept Interac E-Transfer payments through your online banking. E-Transfer payments should be sent to and include your Order or Quote #. This email is set up for automatic deposit, and should not require you to create a password.  If there is a password, please call to provide it - do *not* email passwords for security reasons.  

Where can I read your Rental Conditions?

Our full Rental Conditions can be found here.

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